Azure Stack: A Product Overview

Azure Stack: A Product Overview

Microsoft Azure is growing at an incredible pace.  Organizations are now in a race to the cloud and, for the most part, it makes sense for them to be.  Cloud offerings and services such as Azure represent the most significant changes to the IT landscape since virtualization first appeared. Why wouldn’t organizations want to leverage the features and capabilities that providers like Microsoft Azure offer?

There remain organizations that want to access to the robust features offered by Microsoft Azure WITHOUT having to move all of its resources into the public cloud.  If an organization can’t or simply doesn’t want to move its resources into the cloud, does that mean it misses out on all of those cool features and benefits? Not really.

Enter Microsoft Azure Stack

Microsoft Azure Stack is essentially a hybrid cloud platform that brings the features of Microsoft Azure to the on-premises data center, allowing organizations to support new and evolving business requirements.  With Azure Stack, businesses can more easily meet critical security and compliance requirements by leveraging Azure-specific features that were once only available in the cloud.

As an extension of Microsoft Azure, Azure Stack brings cloud computing benefits into on-premises data centers – putting the innovation of Microsoft Azure within reach for those organizations that can’t quite move to the cloud for one reason or another.  With Azure Stack, organizations can deploy modern applications across hybrid cloud environments.