Azure Stack Use Cases with Applications

Azure Stack Use Cases

Organizations that use both Azure and Azure Stack are able to leverage new hybrid use cases for internal line-of-business applications, as well as customer-facing apps. Typical use cases include edge and disconnected solutions, cloud apps that need to meet varied regulations, and the ability to leverage cloud apps on-premises.

Edge and Disconnected Solutions:

Azure Stack offers organizations the ability to mitigate latency and connectivity issues by allowing them to process data on-prem, using Azure Stack, and then leveraging Azure to aggregate and analyze such data.

Cloud Applications with Varied Regulations:

By offering organizations the ability to develop applications in Azure that can then be deployed on-prem in Azure Stack, Azure Stack allows such organizations to meet regulatory requirements with the need for code changes in such applications. Customers looking to deploy instances of an application in both the cloud and on-prem can do so without making changes to the application, which leads to more streamlined regulation compliance.

Cloud Application Model On-Premises:

Azure Stack allows organizations to leverage Azure-based services to update existing applications, extend applications, and even build new applications all while leveraging consistent processes in Azure (cloud) and in Azure Stack (on-prem).