Ignite Announcements: Modern SharePoint

Microsoft search had been announced:- Today we got some details around the new features and functionality. Also featuring heavily throughout Ignite was an emphasis being placed on Business Apps and Processes through PowerApps, Flow – and you guessed it that is AI. Finally, we also got a sneak peek at the new Admin Center experience coming for 2019. All exciting stuff.


Modern SharePoint gets some new functionality

The addition of megamenus, a new Yammer webpart & Dynamic Data . The capability that modern webparts can utilise to share data with each other – may not seem like a huge improvement but they do continue to bridge the gap between a custom Intranet solution and what can be achieved through Modern SharePoint capabilities.

Updates to SharePoint’s News capabilities

There are several improvements to SharePoint News capabilities:

  • Ability to share news directly in the channel of the related Team
  • Custom News page designs
  • Easy way to choose where to distribute the news
  • Audience column used to enable Audience Targeting of the content
  • News email digest allowing to easily create and share Newsletters
  • Save for later

SharePoint Site and Content Authoring

At the SharePoint Conference earlier this year:- Microsoft has spoken about the future of SharePoint lists, and these are meant to come to life this autumn. In several Ignite sessions, we have seen a number of demos incorporating improved authoring experiences as well as dramatic improvements to SharePoint lists.

SharePoint Lists will include easy editing experiences:

  • Drag and Drop for rearranging columns in a List or Document Library View
  • Easy column and view formatting
  • Tighter integration with Flow for custom actions within a list
  • List creation from Excel file or any existing list (without the need to create a template)


Modern Teamwork continues to be a massive focus being reinforced. Since, the Keynote sessions and carried through various sessions here at Ignite.

In Microsoft Teams, we have seen a number of highly anticipated improvements like a new Sync button for Teams Files (supported by Files On-demand). We’ve also seen the addition of new screen share functionality without the need to set up a call/meeting and a new Yammer tab coming to a Teams Client near you soon.