New Features in Outlook regarding information protection

Outlook mobile, Email app, adds new enterprise information protection and mobile management capabilities


New capabilities to simplify deployment and management of Outlook mobile

To make sure that employees of organization quickly set up on their secure mobile email and calendar solution,

Ensure only corporate accounts are added to Outlook mobile for managed devices

Microsoft recently rolled out a new experience to help ensure that adding only work accounts is straightforward. It also help to mitigate the risk of employees using personal accounts on company devices. E.g. administrators can specify the corporate email & then, OneDrive for Business accounts that are allowed in Outlook mobile.

Additionally, Microsoft will be rolling out the capabilities listed below in the coming months to commercial Outlook mobile customers.

Scale deployments and enforce consistence

Administrators will soon be able to push specific Outlook mobile app configuration settings such as the on/off state for syncing or saving contacts, biometrics such as Touch ID, block external images, and MailTips, as well mail options such as Focused Inbox settings to their users. Standardizing these settings will simplify and scale the deployment of Outlook mobile while helping ensure that users have a consistent experience.

Enable faster account setup

Administrators will soon be able to push Outlook mobile account setup configurations for modern authentication capable accounts. This will ensure that employees use the correct work account setup information to get them up. Also, running with Outlook mobile in no time. When setup is as simple as entering a password, there are fewer calls to your helpdesk and securing your mobile workforce is fast and easy. This feature is already available for Exchange on-premises customers for accounts that use basic authentication

A new app configuration policy interface in Microsoft Intune

A new app configuration policy interface in the Intune console will initially support the ability to push account setup details for Exchange on-premises customers using basic authentication. In the coming months, we plan to continue to enhance the policy settings in this interface to manage the Outlook mobile feature settings, such as the ability to save or sync contacts and other app configuration capabilities.